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I took a long time to get started as a screenwriter but support from the industry kept me plugging away until finally, signed with an agent, it became apparent that I was making the most headway in family entertainment. I won the Best Writer Award in the 2003 Children's BAFTAs for my work on Sir Gadabout.

My dedication to entertainment for families across all media remains - I've written 24 episodes of the popular animation show, Kazoops. And I'm currently working on series 3 of Clangers and an exciting international animation series bringing together the east and the west, Luo BaoBei.

Credits and projects

2022/23 - 8 episodes of The Sound Collector for EaglevsBat productions, a ground-breaking animated/live action series for children, UK/Italian co-production

2021 - concept illustration work

2020 - original live action sci-fi fantasy TV pilot script 'Sasha Reason'

Work on an original novel 'Foundation Theory'

2019 - scripting for season 2 of animation series Luo BaoBei

2018 - scripting for animation series Treasure Trekkers

scripting for series 3 of Clangers

2017 - scripting for international animation series Luo BaoBei

scripting for Clangers

writing picture book text for two Kazoops books based on my own TV episodes - Penguin Australia

2016 - Creative work for Google.

scripting for series 2 of Clangers

2015/2016 - 24 episodes for children's TV show 'Kazoops'

2015 - Bookaboo series 4 Happy Films/CITV

Prep work for new children's TV show for Happy Films 'ENN'

2014 - Artitude

Sitcom about an art gallery owner

The Cyclist - short film script

2012-2013 - Bookaboo Series 3 - Happy Films/CITV
Commissioned writer for scripts and sketches across the series (Canadian co-pro)

2011-2012 - Chuggington - Ludorum/CBeebies
6 animation scripts commissioned

2008-2011 - Bookaboo (Series 1 and 2) Happy Films/CITV
Commissioned writer 


My book, The Talent Thief, optioned by Universal Studios to be directed by Shawn Levy at 21 Laps


2006 - The Secret Show - Collingwood O'Hare
1 episode of animation series commissioned


2005 - Like A Balls - Cosgrove Hall
8 scripts of children's animation series commissioned


2004 - The Lady Grace Mysteries
Wark Clements/BBC TV
Commissioned to write 2  x 30 minute script for children's Elizabethan detective drama.


2003 - P J Mole - Disney TV
8 scripts for pre-school show

The Adventures of Clarity Fairlight - BBC Wales
Commissioned to write 2 extended treatments for an original adult drama series.


2002 - Sir Gadabout - The Worst Knight in the Land
Series 2 – Alibi Productions/ITV
Lead writer. Bible update and 5 x 30 minute scripts.


2001 - Sir Gadabout - The Worst Knight in the Land
Series 1 - Alibi Productions/ITV.
Lead writer.  Bible and 5 x 30 minute scripts. 
(Winner of children's category in Indies Awards 2003 (Children). Nominated for Children’s BAFTA’s (2002).


2000/2001 - Spheriks
Bible and Lead Writer of 11 scripts for animation series based on World Cup 2002 mascots
Slave Studios/Passion Pictures. 


2000/2001 - The Kingfisher Tailor
Original animation series project (co-devised with Hilary Baverstock)
Bible and 2 scripts - Pepper's Ghost


2000 - The Further Adventures of "The BFG" 
Lead writer - New Bible and further script - EVA Entertainment.

The Silver Baby
Commissioned to rewrite screenplay - Hilary Baverstock

London Walkabout
Original adult screenplay optioned by Vanson Productions.


1999 - The Further Adventures of "The BFG" 
Lead writer - Bible and 30 minute pilot script for new animation series based on Roald Dahl's "BFG”
Pearson Television/EVA Entertainment


1998-2000 - The Fanmaker
An original live action fantasy screenplay for a family audience
Vanson Productions supported and funded by British Screen


Related experience:

Storm After Calm - short film - winner of a Fuji Scholarships award for "Film Most Suitable for Theatrical Release"


Experience of freelance design

2010 - present

2010 - present



Plymouth College of Art & Design

1989-1991 HND Film


Falmouth School of Art

1988-1989 Foundation diploma in Art & Design



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